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I am Kevin Watt, and a freshman at the University of Washington!!!. I like running, reading, poetry, singing, playing the clarinet, playing the piano, petting my dog, walking, talking, occassionally chewing gum, comprimising, thinking, sneezing, eating, dancing, working on my web page, e-mailing, mudding, chatting, quoting, listening, occassionally cleaning, comforting, joking, laughing, yawning, puzzling, meditating, feeling, collecting, rhyming, expressing, loving, comprimising, caring, role-playing, respecting, leading, following, teaching, experiencing, surfing, gaming, card-playing, programming, traveling, watching, learning, growing, watching Star Wars, creating music, anticipating, teasing, thwarting, helping, playing basketball, achieving, pondering, whistling, figeting, flirting, teasing, impressing, enjoying, cuddling, shaving, playing soccer, playing tennis, meeting people, reading famous books, reading famous poetry, reading famous philosophy, writing excellent papers, finding new music, understanding calculus, understanding life, watching plays, reading stories, learning history, imagining, daydreaming, touching, sleeping: all in all I like LIVING.

There is no place I'd rather be than where I am.

I think pets are and should be an important part of everyone's life. I especially thing they can help alot when raising a child, to make them tender and considerate.

My late dog, Charlie, is a 13 year old Cocker-Spaniel. We'd had him almost all his life, and he became blind and deaf in his later years, and died of a pancreatic infection recently ;(
I am now at the esteemed University of Washington, and I'm really looking foward to my years of fun-filled experiences here.

My Favorite Music:

Fav. CD's I Own:
Wish (The Cure) No Doubt (hav'ta been in the mood...) Rachmaninoff's 2nd w/Rhapsody on a theme of paganini (Artur Rubinstein) The Cross of Changes (Enigma) Lost Highway Soundtrack
Cd's I borrow frequently from the library(& friends) and shall soon buy (maybe -- ha!):
Weezer (Weezer) Pinkerton(Weezer) Watermark (Enya) Disintegration (The Cure) Best of Simon&Garfunkle Third Eye Blind Swamp Ophelia (Indigo Girls)

Another thing I enjoy is playing AD&D with a group of 7 friends, including the DM. We have just started an adventure in which I play a Deep Gnome warrior. I like it.

Some other games I highly suggest are Mume, Diablo, and Ultima Online. Check out my pages on them!

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