Links! Some neat places I've found on the Internet:
Computer Art Pages: 
Andy's Art Attack! A well done homepage with many animated gifs to download and tips on creating graphics (animated and otherwise) with Photoshop and other programs. 
Charlotte's Pictures She has made some cool pictures and effects with photoshop. Check out the main archive she is in, too. 
Bill's Animated Gif Collection A great source for animated Gif's! 
MC Escher Page Wow! Lotsa good pictures to download for backgrounds!
Fantasy Pictures Incredible!
Neat Stuff
The Official Dilbert Site An archive of that loveable comic character Dilbert! Great if you don't get the newspaper...
Lyric's Playground Song lyrics!
Mirabilis LTD. - FrontPage Makers of ICQ: A great program that lets you chat with friends!  Get it!!!
VideoGameSpot's StarFox 64 Guide A cool place with great reviews and strategy hints about many games.
Friend's Pages:
Cailean Shearer's Page Great place, she's got a lyrics quizz and other neat stuff.  Check it out :)
Howard Wu's Page A nicely done place with lotsa info.  He gets alot of hits.  He writes poetry too!!!
Cheryl Sanchez's Page A cool page
Stan Yang's Page A cool WSU goer (WSU ppl can be cool?)
Henry Lin's Page UWer with a new page up. Hes really excited about the hits going up. (press reload)



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