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Rainbow Inspiration

Rainbow High, and Sky Bright

help me look up, into the night:
I seek thus to end my plight!

Above the dream, above my life
Something, somewhere awaits my sight.
I travel hither to and fro,
enjoying life, as I go.

I fear I may, I fear I might,
Forget this wish, I wish tonight.
A magic is lost, in anticipation unloved,
A pure dream thought, a real event lost.
Concentrate, now! I tell myself 'posh.'

The awkwardness of silence,
the depth of the black,
I need something to tell her; and quick!
The answer -- in comfort, not stress,
My confidence and creativity be blessed.

Mystic Nights, Maidens True,
I am living my own "true blue."

Looking up, through blinding rain,
a Rainbow guiding,
an inspiration vain.

The Void

The tired student turns his gaze onto the white expanse of the ceiling;
Thoughts and voices drifting at the edge of consciousness
The tangible silence of boredom envelops him, bringing

Soft Sweeping Swells of meaningless white nothings.
His Imagination wanders, flying free among
The "true blue sky" and "infinite yes."

Time is irrelevant (there is only tomorrow)
, and Truth reveals a glimpse of primal human nature.

Just as the Simplicity approaches perfection


The Bell Rings.


Quotes from an e.e. cummings poem, [I thank thee god for this most amazing day]  

My Hollow Eyes

Gazing from behind My Hollow Eyes
I perceive little and understand less.

I stand at the entrance to A Cave
, Hesitant to enter.

White sunlight streams over my effigy Extending a great shadow over the masses.
I swing my arms about,
as my mad reflection seeks
Acknowledgement from the people below.

I would have my brief spark ring bright and shine true.


Dark Clouds Swirl Overhead

Swirling, Rushing, Overwhelming, Enveloping
--  Loud yet Silent.

Wind; chilling to the bone,
blowing away fear,
endowing a warrior's courage.

  Rain; washing away excitement,
soft sighs
of a thousand tiny raindrops bring tranquility

to this life, but not the next.

Violent relief of accumulated forces
A reminder of man's imperfections.



Drives my heart:
  Beating, Pulsing, Thumping, Pounding!

Bass shakes itself through my blood,
through my soul.

how music allows such splendid expression of life:
Love, Truth, Sorrow.

The highest form of Art,
Trash to one, yet divine to another.
Whatever feels right is true.

Today I depend on another's hard work; Someday I Shall Create My Own.


To feel the unbearable urge to roll down the window and take in the cold, fresh air while driving your car at high speeds.

To listen to music so moving, it makes you want to cry, but you feel restricted by your generalized social values.

To run so fast you can feel the spontaneous, powerful release of the accumulated tension from years of frustration and withheld emotion.

To crave the sanctity of tender romantic love (Dearest JoJo)

To know and be swept away by the temporary emotional high brought about through victory.

To understand and be crushed by the devastating defeat, which only leads to the downward spiral of infinite defeats.

To gaze up into the stars; and feel so infinitesimally special.

To want to convey your feelings upon paper; but be unable to express yourself as you wished.

To challenge that which others may blindly accept; to believe in what others doubt.

"Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)"

"Let them say: His most wise music stole nothing from death"

Death is no enemy of mine. 


  Mother log, I grow from thee
I hope to be an equally beautiful tree
  I learn through your past; I feel the eternity from which you have stood:
I see all that has passed, and am sad.


  Perhaps there is a future for me?   -- I yearn to fill my place
  What more is there for me to do, besides
live, think, act, and experience?

What more is there for you to ask, than for me to become what you never were



My thoughts are honest,

My intentions proud.

I only wish to help:

to inspire, to astound.

Armageddon(sweet, true)

Armageddon, Armageddon
oh my sweet, true, armageddon.

Softly creeping, through a gentle night,
Violent thumping, pilliage, plight!


Screams and cries heard e'ver the more,
often cut short by a orcish long-sword.

"Oh woe is us, oh woe is me" one young man cried.
Thinking, really, where is -she-???

Women and children, holy and damned,
all are one and death-be-damned.

thoughtless loss and thankless feast,
do transpire to engineer this days waste,
hatred, need, begets this awful 'morn.

those days of old shall become days of now,
-- cover your head with a pillow.

Pictures of Childhood

The cold winter air, the soft autumn sun

My heart is warm

it sure is sentimental

to sit in this grove | while leaves are falling,

and reminisce of times gone by.


Children together, their innocent glee

they spread out in pairs -- arguing, but free

(of this harsh modern world which so often is cold)

they are so brave, so brave and so bold, no worry of being a'scold

;their little hearts are joy!

they appreciate nature's beauty, and revel in it's taste:
"Take a picture of this!" "No fair, its my take" "Stop whining and just take"


a picture of things before they all change, before your life slips away in a drain.


If they could only picture their innocence, their grace, their face,

twenty years hense,

when they are my age and

wondering why everyone is so cold?

My Fear:

I'm Scared


I'm scared.

i don't want to
grow up!

the innocence

of childhood

lost forever

the unanswered questions build up


love - hate - LIFE

what will it be like?

what is it like?


Part of the fun is in the exploration.


Who are you?


My Love;

with wind whispering into your delicate ear.


My Enemy;

forgiven so quickly


My Fear. . .

the beckoning blindness of procrastination


My Motivation. . .

what is worth the work I freely give?


My Crime;

time-softened guilt seeping graduly within my soul.


WHO AM I ???????

Longhood Star

Longhood star;

feverish awakening
slowly, gently
i come to realize
my feelings for you.

like the summer's sun
fills the gaps
breached between us.

tender, oozing
like an herbal poulice
building bridges, bringing
us together.


All poems are copyright Kevin Watt, 1997!

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