A mended heart.
       A blind man sees.
       Who, holds the key to these mysteries?
       I feel your heart beat next to mine.
       A brilliant light on my soul, does shine.
       I was longing for a love that's new.
       Then I felt the warmth of your love, so true.
       Your beauty is such a vision to behold.
       With that angelic face, I so long to hold.
       Life is too short to waste even an hour,
       for love some times last, but the life of a flower.
       So follow you heart and waste not a beat,
       true love can only happen when the right people meet.
       Our love is special and so dear to my heart.
       I feel I would cease to exist, should we ever part.
       So, princess I tell you, that this I hold true.
       The one love I treasure, is the one I call you.
                                        by "Stormer"