Rainbow Inspiration

Rainbow High, and Sky Bright

help me look up, into the night:
I seek thus to end my plight!

Above the dream, above my life
Something, somewhere awaits my sight.
I travel hither to and fro,
enjoying life, as I go.

I fear I may, I fear I might,
Forget this wish, I wish tonight.
A magic is lost, in anticipation unloved,
A pure dream thought, a real event lost.
Concentrate, now! I tell myself 'posh.'

The awkwardness of silence,
the depth of the black,
I need something to tell her; and quick!
The answer -- in comfort, not stress,
My confidence and creativity be blessed.

Mystic Nights, Maidens True,
I am living my own "true blue."

Looking up, through blinding rain,
a Rainbow guiding,
it's inspiration vain.