To feel the unbearable urge to roll down the window and take in the cold, fresh air while driving your car at high speeds.

To listen to music so moving, it makes you want to cry, but you feel restricted by generalized social values.

To run so fast you can feel the spontaneous, powerful release of the accumulated tension from years of frustration and withheld emotion.

To crave the sanctity of romantic love (Dearest JoJo)

To know and be swept away by the temporary emotional high brought about through victory.

To understand and be crushed by the devastating defeat, which only leads to the downward spiral of infinite defeats.

To gaze up into the stars; and feel so infinitesimally special.

To want to convey your feelings upon paper; but be unable to express yourself as you wished.

To challenge that which others may blindly accept; to believe in what others doubt.

"Of myself forever reproaching myself, (for who more foolish than I, and who more faithless?)"

"Let them say: His most wise music stole nothing from death"

Death is no enemy of mine.