What is life?
But a ship of dreams
    passing in the night.
Some hopes will sink,
But some will glide
    and grow upon life's rink.
The puzzle of action
The wonder about
    what our life has shown.
We think of questions
About who and
    what has gone.
What is the meaning,
What is the job or
    purpose in our feeling?

The answer is but a wave,
Aloft in a vision of
    life's road that you will pave.
A preoccupation with back then
Will blow you past present opportunities
    like a gust of wind.
Failure now holds no weight,
Life's journey will fix the errors
    and allow for a clean slate.
The present is the ship,
The platform of your success
    in life and relationships.
Life is but dreams afloat,
Don't let the ship pass
    for you must not miss this boat.

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